Hard disk not recognized

well everything was fine but one day i accidently converted my c drive to dynamic,,,,
and came to know that it is not possible to install os on the dynamic disk ,,,,,
so i wanted to convert my disk into basic one .for this i downloaded a software HxD
which said me to change sequence of numbers that r associated with the disk
by a process of entering into the disk codes and changin hex numbers associated with it.
and then it said me to restart.
and i did...i restared and suddenly the system asked me for system repair,
but i chose to enter normally ,but it did not start and again asked me for system repair
i did so,but it showed an error and said it cant be repaired.
so i decided to install os again(windows 7) wen i did so
,it could not recognise any hard disks,?
so wt is the problem and how can i overcome this? please please help me out,,,,thanks in advance ....rahul
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    You will need to get the SATA controler driver from your manufacturer and hit the "F6" key durring bootup.

    well thanks a lot, can u please explain me the the problem details..... and i have got the windows driver cd from the manufacture,can i use that?......if not please explain me the further process.... thanks for spending time for me :) ....and i forgot to mention its lenovo z570 here....and if at all i need a sata controller driver....hw wd i get it?
    thank you again. :)
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