Asus N71 and beyond!

I am trying to find a laptop for school. I have a budget of around $900-1200. I am looking at the asus N71jq-x1, or the sony vaio F. SO basically anything with a:
Core i7
4GB ram or more
Dedicated video card
720p resolution or better is fine
Full keyboard with number pad

I dont really care about anything else. HDD doesn't matter. The N71 is almost a perfect fit but, there are small things that are making me doubt it.
Cons to N71:
1.It does not have a backlit keyboard, sony vaio F does. (i really want it!)
2.HD 5730 isnt that great, i could get the Vaio F with a Nvidia 330M

1.Warranty and customer service, sonys isnt that great.
2.Better build quality
3. usb 3.0

I will want to play a few games, ie starcraft 2 on med-high settings.

Can anyone help me choose between there two, or recommend another choice for me (Toshiba maybe?).
That would be great!!! Thnx
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    Well theres an easy choice you missed. Check out ASUS G73 - best buy has a version for $1200. Has
    *i7, 6gb, TOP NOTCH cooling, design, and stability - gtx260 (which is better than both those video cards above you listed)

    I'ts $300 cheaper than the asus direct version (which has 1080p screen and 8gb ram)

    I own an Asus g72 - and these things are amazing. Ill never buy another gaming laptop. The keyboard and touchpad are superior to anything I've ever seen, backlit keys are perfect - The laptop is little heavier and little bulkier than most, but its primaily b/c of hte cooling. Draws air in the front and exhausts out hte middle of the rear. Runs cool for hours of gaming.
    I'm running SC2 on high with no problems at all... so the g73 will easily do that as well.
  2. Wow that is a good choice. Really i want a cleaner and less gaming look, but that is a good choice. Best buys doesn't have bluetooth so ill have to look other places but i will be looking! quick search wont let me find anything under $1500 with bluetooth and all.

    Any others with a more cleaner more business look?

    Oh crap, one more thing. Battery life. Under 2 hours on idle and low brightness. I would like something a little better than that. (ie n71 3 hours when idle. )If anyone can reccomend something along those lines??
  3. Wow really? no bluetooth? thats insane! lol

    Newegg has the non-best buy edition of the GS73... but its around $1400. Does have a few upgrades tho... 1080p screen, 8gb of Ram, and bluetooth. Still a really good deal, but slightly ahead of your listed pricing.

    **Anything 17" with an I7 and a good video card is going to have terrible battery life... tahts just the name of the game there. Good luck with your search! I would personally stay away from toshiba like the plague!
    I orderd a toshiba a year ago... it came with the wrong power brick - they made me send the ENTIRE computer back (wouldnt just send me a new brick)... then a totally new computer came, this time with the power brick... but had a huge cluster of dead pixels on the screen- so i sent it back as well and told the mto shove it. bought an Asus and couldnt have been happier
  4. Alright, i was thinking that Toshiba proboly wouldnt be my best choice.
    So i think i am back to square one. Ill keeping looking at the asus's as they seem to be where i am leaning. g51 anyone?
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