133fsb = crash (ECS K7S5A)

Hi everyone
My friend got an Athlon XP 2400+ from eBay for his "new" ECS K7S5A, however, the system crashes everytime he set to 133MHz FSB, why is that?
I haven't get time to go check everything yet, but I wish I could give him some quick answer, because everything seems ok, here is his system spec:
Athlon XP 2400+ (running at 1500MHz@100fsb)
ATI Radeon9800Pro
Generic PC3200 512MB RAM
Generic 400W PSU
(I don't know what are the hd, cdrom he has yet)

I was thinking maybe it could be his PSU, but he tried with an old GF2MX, it's the same, plus, he used that PSU before with a Gigabyte GA7N400L before, along with same spec processor, ram, video card...so I guess I was wrong?
What else could be?
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  1. Could be the RAM. Try raising the timings on the ram (i.e. if it's 2.5-3-3-6 try 3-4-4-7 etc). Run memtest86 on the ram as well (memtest.org). That's a good place to start. Let us know what happens.

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  2. That board needs good memory and a good power supply. He has neither.

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  3. The first problem he got was that he couldn't even get into Windows Setup menu, it gets many different errors msg, I did some research over net, and found out it could be RAM, so I sent him memTest86.
    The result was quite weird, when he plug his RAM into DDR slot1, it gets plenty of errors, while at DDR Slot2, there is no errors at all. I guess it could be bad DDR slot.
    So he installed his Windows at DDR slot2, however, he could set fsb to 133, so now I'm not sure where is the problem just by guessing
  4. But as I mentionned, he used that psu and ram with the Gigabyte GA7N400L (nForce2 based mobo), along with a 2400+, 9800Pro, it worked perfectly, could the K7S5A be more power hungry than a nForce2 based mobo?
  5. It isn't that it's power hungry it's that it's a picky board.

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  6. I have that board and have been running it flawlessly for years. It really needs a solid PSU and solid memory since it's kinda picky. Hey, you probably got it for $40 so it's to be expected. Once it's up and running though it's the best board I've had.

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  7. ok, so the only way to test is to have a "solid" PSU right? Would Antec 250W be enough? (not with 9800Pro plugged)
  8. Nope. The problem with that board is how it fires devices up. It will try to start secondary drives after the boot drive. This really plays havoc with the boot drive, if the rails are not solid. Minimum should be an Enermax 350 or equivalent. You can fudge a little, with fewer hdds/optical drives, and loosing the floppy.
  9. I have a 400W Antec with no problems and Crucial memory. I can vouch for that.

    You can get by with probably a 300W if you're really desperate but if you want to avoid the headaches I would spend a few bucks more and get a 350W or 400W PSU. It's worth it in the long run.

    Check out fortran psu's at newegg. I think they're affordable and they're pretty rock solid.

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  10. ALL my Antec 250W power supplies were junk, they'd sag under moderate load so badly I ended up putting them on Pentium 1 systems and using Gateway 200W power supplies (superior to Antec's 250W) in faster systems.

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  11. Hi everyone
    I've asked my friend to show me a screen shot of mbm5 so, here is the result:
    Case: 31/23/32/31
    CPU: 43/29/48/43
    Core 0: 1.66/1.66/1.66/1.66
    Core 1: 2.50/2.50/2.50/2.50
    +3.3: 3.25/3.22/3.26/3.24
    +5.0: 4.99/4.93/5.02/4.96
    +12.00: 12.52/12.46/12.65/12.55
    -12.00: -11.98/-11.98/-11.92/-11.97
    Fan1: 2812/2743/2860/2813

    Those that I didn't show (eg -5.0V), cuz it's 0..
    Hope this help!
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