Unable to see all the screen on a second monitor

im using a macbook with a mini dvi output to a panasonic tv. its work fine but the only thing is that I cant see all the screen. The resolution is set to 1920x1080. Its like if the screen was zoomed in. I looked in the tv's option and found nothing
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  1. TVs act differently than monitors; they have built in overscan. You will need to manually adjust the screen size in your video properties.
  2. +1 ^. What I was about to say. Use the TV settings to adjust the screen
  3. Theres only 4 different settings witch are ; full, framing, 4:3 and zoom. I cant find how to manually adjust the format of the screen
  4. You may need to do it on the Mac. I know I had to do it on my Windows PC; the ATI video driver allowed me to adjust the screen size on my 42" plasma TV.
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