Laptop battery clicking?

When I first got my Gateway NV79 laptop I would charge the battery to max and leave it plugged in to get all the benefits of maximum performance and not worry about short battery life. Just a couple days ago my laptop battery would start clicking when it was charged up to 95%. This concerned me but I just unplugged the AC adapter and the clicking would cease.

It is now several days later and just an hour ago when I tried to turn on my laptop and start Windows, my startup applications wouldn't come on and it wouldn't connect to the internet. Everything also ran really sluggish and wouldn't respond at all. I ended up taking the battery out and tried running the laptop on AC power. This thankfully worked but I am now worried the portability of my laptop is confined to my desk and bed.

I have searched countless sites about laptop batteries clicking and couldn't find a single one to answer my query about the battery or even related to the idea of the laptop batteries clicking. Will the good people of Tom's Hardware please help out and tell me if I need a new battery or if there is a simple fix for such an issue?

Thanks in advance for your time,

P.S. I have owned the computer since April 23rd, but 3 months seems like an awfully short time for a new battery.
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  1. Same clicking problem. Most annoying sound ever. "tick, tick, tick, tick". It only happens when its recharging. Have you resolved it yet?
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