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I got a logitech speaker system that's been perfect for almost a year now. Lately i've been hearing these awful high-pitched popping sounds once every few seconds. I Do believe it's from several speakers, i will test it some more.

On of the speakers had this wunderbaum air freshener wrapped around it, and now i noticed it had melted on to the speaker and maybe further in, im not sure if i should try cleaning it off with a knife or something to see how far in it is. Probably the glue from that thing that melted on to the speaker.

First post btw, thanks
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  1. Seems like RF interference from a radio operator.
    It may not be the speakers at all. Don't blame your equipment till you swap it out with alternate equipment, and test it again.
    Radio transmitters can cause a problem like this. The noise comes through the speakers...
  2. Might be, but it's not like a regular radio interference sound that i've had heard before. It's more like a sudden pop, and i found out it only came from one of the side speakers (Not the melted one). It's a 5.1 system btw. It seems that in only makes the sound during specific tunes, especially during high pitched sounds and bass peeks in songs. It's worse during old rock/punk which i usually play, which makes it bloody annoying.

    You might be right anyway, i don't know much about sound systems, it's my first speaker system. I got a feeling it might be the specific speaker though, i guess any radio interference would play all over? Could wires to 'that' speaker be a possible problem? Thanks for reply :o
  3. Do you connect to computer via usb or headphone jack. Certain USB powered sound cards and speakers can also be affected by incorrect Latency settings. This has caused pops in past configurations I've built. Latency issues are common with audio controllers as well idk if this applies to your situation, but free information is always helpful.
  4. I connect with the jack, so still no idea what this could be. I don't know much about sound systems at all, could be the controller tho
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