At wits end regarding mouse...

Mouse keeps on connecting reconnecting.... Mouse is Logitech G9.... 3 other USB devices are not having any problems

I have tried:

Mouse on different computer.. It works no problem
Different mouse on my computer...same problem
Updated drivers..Catalyst Control package, just the drivers etc..... Problems continue
Changing power config so usb ports dont power down..No help
changing USB ports...No help
Deleting device from device manager and letting W7 find and install drivers... no help

I am sure I am missing a thing or 2, but thats the basic list...

Any ideas?
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  1. Quote:
    Updated drivers..Catalyst Control package, just the drivers etc..... Problems continue

    Just curious why ATI CCC drivers would have anything to do with a Logitech G9 mouse? Google Logitech and find drivers and support. Download and install the latest Windows 7 driver available.
  2. ooops...Your right... i was tired and getting ready for bed...I ment logitech drivers and their suite of programs for mouse/keyboard stuff...I have tried just the drivers and the big program that allows you to setup all the neat features for the mouse and my keyboard..
  3. For your G9 to work on another computer, and another USB mouse to fail on your current computer, suggests an issue with your USB ports and/or drivers. How old is your mobo? Is your keyboard also USB? Any trouble with USB devices other than rodents?
  4. Mouse has troubles with all other usb ports..

    Like I said my 3-4 other usb devices do not have any of the same issues..
  5. Well, I have found Logitech support to be very good. As long as the mouse is under warranty, the company should send a new one right out. They even let me keep the old one.
  6. Only thing is he said it works fine on another computer. What PSU are you running? Perhaps it's not quite able to supply enough to power the drives, etc plus all usb ports?
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