Best 27 inch gaming monitor 2011

Best 27'' monitor for FPS gaming, slightly discouraged by response time of some of the monitors

I have i7 2600k, CF sapphire 6950 2GB,8 GB DDR3 1600mhz ram


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  1. You should reconsider your size since most 27" monitors have a resolution of 1920X1200//1920X1080. Those are exactly the same as a 24" monitors so you get basically a lesser image quality overall since the image is streched to fit the screen.

    Considering this, my advice is to either choose the best 24" gaming monitor or go all in and take a 30" monitor (resolution of 2560 X 1600).
    Also, what is your budget and are there preferences for certain brands?

    You're welcome

    You're welcome :)
  2. hey, thanks for reply,

    budget,is 500sterling, brands... not too fussy as long as it delivers,

    ive had the u2711 recommended to me, but the AG seems to be thing putting me off,and the possible lag... 30inch are outside my budget
  3. I'm not too aware of UK prices I'm afraid. but on with my recomandation :

    For the 27 inc market, I would go TN panel unless you wanna pay 700-1000$ :
    - Samsung S27A950D : Presents awesome contrast and response times. 120 hz, 3D ready.
    - Asus VE278Q (LED) or VE276Q (LCD) : They are great for anything you wanna do

    you might wanna check here :

    For 24" I suggest a IPS panel:
    - HP Zr24w
    - Dell U2410
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