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I have a dell inspiron 560, and I recently just bought a new motherboard. As it ships in the mail ive been doing research and realized i have an oem liscence. Ive done some researd, none looking too positive about being able to use the same os without buying another..:(

What im asking- is there any way I can continue to use my OS without having to purchase another version? Reformating my hdd/ resetting parts on my comp is not an issue.
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  1. If it wasnt OEM Win7 you could transfer motherboards and not have to re-install windows, however, if the OEM Licesnse key isnt out of uses, you can use it again when you re-install windows with your new motherboard
  2. so like would reformatting the hdd make it think it hasnt been used? or how should i make it so i can use it again? thanks
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    OEM versions of Windows 7 are identical to Full License Retail versions except for the following:

    - OEM versions do not offer any free Microsoft direct support from Microsoft support personnel

    - OEM licenses are tied to the very first computer you install and activate it on

    - OEM versions allow all hardware upgrades except for an upgrade to a different model motherboard

    - OEM versions cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Windows operating system ^
  4. well that sucks
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