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I have a brand new from the factory hard drive with windows 7 professional installed on it. I don't have a licence for professional so I want to use it with home premium(which I have a disk and product key for). Is the windows 7 home premium embedded within the software? So if I put my home premium product key in it would only activate the windows home premium part? Or do I need to wipe and format it?
I am NOT looking for help to get the home premium for free dishonestly - I just want to be able to use this new hard drive.
Any help appreciated.
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  1. Key is tied to the W7 Premium OS. You will need to format and install W7 Home.
  2. you need to wipe and reinstall from scratch. Only way you could use your HP key is if you were on Win 7 basic then you could perform an in place upgrade. In your case from a software standpoing going from Pro to HP is considered a downgrade and not supported with a direct in place install like you'd want.
  3. Thank you - so for the wipe could anybody suggest a basic wipe?
    There is absolutely no personal information of mine on the drive ( I haven't even plugged it in yet)
    I don't need to do a 27hr security wipe!
  4. ... try formatting it as you install windows? XP
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