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I am looking for a working driver for my HP P1102w Printer. My operating system is Windows 98. HP does not offer a driver for this printer under Windows 98.
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  1. if the HP-P1102W printer is a model newer than 2000-2003ish then why would they create a driver for windows 98?

    at this point in time windows 98 is ancient history. its time to upgrade!

    windows xp most likely still has drivers being created for it but this will start to be phased out as well. also microsoft is ending support for this version.

    windows vista and windows 7 will be supported for a longer timeframe, however, if the printer is much older than them there may be limited support.

    if you want working drivers than you have two choices:

    -upgrade to a newer OS (winxp, winvista, win7) of the same era as the printer.

    -hope that another "similar driver" is compatible with your printer. in some cases you can get lucky and use a driver for a different printer in case there isnt one for your OS. search google for this as its your best bet. its completely hit or miss though so you might not get lucky.
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