Quick Question? What the HELL is CPU throttling?

Quick Question? What the HELL is CPU throttling?

After my cpu kept overheating i cleaned my rig out which it needed now my rig runs at a cool 37C under stress.

Si i thoiught i might as well OC a bit again, i did 14 x 166 to give me 2338mhz from the standard 2080 of a xp2600.

i was going throw my bios and i seen CPU throttling at 50%

i then ran 3dmark01 and it siad my cpu is running at 1900mhz is this due to cpu throttling on or what?

i can only achive a score of 15000 in 01 3dmark i know i should be gettin higher whats up with my system and 3dmark01?

but i get 10300 on 3dmark03
and 4100 in 3dmark05

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  1. CPU throttling is not what you are witnessing with your AXP. Athlons are as of yet not capable to throttling.

    Throttling is what P4s do when they overheat. They spend some clock cycles doing absolutely nothing - they essentially waste some time and hang around. It's the useful cycles that heat up the processor, so when throttling, some of the useful cycles are wasted and are spent waiting for the processor to cool down.

    It's like... P4 churning data overheats, then the core just "hangs around" doing nothing for a few cycles and cools down, then it churns data again... that's called throttling.

    Athlon XPs, when overheated, simply turn off. P4s when overheated just get slower.

    What you must be witnessing with your AXP 2600 is that the BIOS has probably booted you to a safe state. Or something - like the FSB - has not been correctly configured yet. Must be one of those two.
  2. Your CPU is not throttling. What's probably happening is the old 3DMark01 probably isn't correctly detecting your mobo's capabilities. It probably thinks your CPU is running 14 x 133 = 1866 Mhz which is ~1900 Mhz.

    We can't determine what might be wrong with your benchmarking unless you give the rest of your system specs, mobo, memory speed, video card and video overclock levels, etc.

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  3. Got this off a tech site reveiw of an Asus nForce mobo:
    I had heard a rumor that the Barton featured CPU throttling similar to that of the Pentium 4. I now know this to be true. At my overclocked speeds, SiSoft Sandra CPU benchmarks on a cold boot would return scores significantly higher than either of my other CPU's (both my 266 MHz FSB 2400+ and my 333 MHz FSB 2600+ Thoroughbreds), but once the system was worked up to the point where the CPU should have run significantly warmer (like running Comanche 4, for example), the benchmark scores started to plummet and reveal numbers significantly LOWER than even the 2400+. Fortunately, my Epox 8RDA+ has the ability to disable CPU throttling and although my overclocking was limited; I was able to obtain improved benchmark scores. Unfortunately, the temperature at which the CPU is throttled on my Epox board can not be set. I can only set the amount of throttling.

    So, disable it if you think it's slowing down your cpu.

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  4. thanx i disabled it but same problem im still gettin 15000 on 3dmark01.

    i have no problems with 3dmark03 10300 score or 3dmark05 4100score.

    my system spec and drivers:

    AMD XP2600 TB, OC at 14 x 166: 2332mhz
    1 x 512 333mhz cheap and nasty
    1 x 120 HARD DRIVE IDE speed 133
    1 x 40 HD ide slave 100
    2 x Liteon DVD burners 8x + -
    Galaxy 6800 128mb 350mhz core 700mhz 16 pipes unlocked with riva tuner. OC can get 400mhz core stable 800mhz memory.

    SB Audigy Sound card DTT 3500 cambridge amp and speakers.

    Thermaltake Xaser III Lanparty Case Aluminium Blue neon 4 fans with front controllers with lcd temp dislay plus OH warning.

    Thermaltake Power supply Butterfly 480 watt with fan controller plus 7 leds and side window on power supply.

    motherboard DFI Lanparty Ultra Nforce 2 Version B awsome mobo with terrific kit.

  5. so whats giving me the [-peep-] score on 3dmark 01?

    i know ive got wicked scores in the latest 2. and i might be takin da piss but it annoys me when i should be achiving at least 18000 in it.

  6. does it play games ok?

    If so, who cares about a benchmark score which is obviously wrong.

    Have you disabled V-sync?

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  7. yes v sink is off. but whats texture clamp

  8. Why would AMD not advertise thermal throttling if they implanted it in barton? I know it would change a lot of views from a lot of people.

    Why then was one of K9's (or K10's, don't remember) features "thermal throttling implementation"?...

    Or am I mistaken?
  9. Normally CPU throttling in BIOS refers to a setting for suspend mode, I'd like to know how you're running 3D Mark in suspend mode!

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  10. My dfi says nothing about suspend mode matey. lol.

    but getin back to my originall question why the hell am i only gettin 15000 in 3dmark01 also does throttling have any effect? Geniuses

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