IPS or 120hz? (for non-SLI, 60fps, modern games, longevity)

Hey Guys,

I know there are a lot of IPS vs. 120hz threads. I've read a lot of them. But, I keep reading contradicting opinions on this. But please read below and give your advice on my more specificity situation.

I know IPS is better if you do photo stuff (due to better colors/viewing angles) and 120hz monitors are better for fast pace gaming like shooters/racers (due to less image tearing). IPS = image quality and 120hz = smoothness. Either are better for everything than the standard 60hz TN. Ideally, i wish i could get a 120hz ips for $350..but that doesn't exist.

I use my pc for everything..but mostly gaming/web browsing...i play mostly MMOs (35%), Shooters (50%), and RPGs (15%). I plan to or already play gw2, diablo 3, bfbc3, dead island, red orchestra 2, borderlands, dragon age 3, etc. IPS is better for MMO and RPGs, while the 120hz is better for shooters. right?

Here is the deal, I only upgrade my pc every 4 years, including GFX card. I am currently planning on getting the 570 GTX. I don't like the idea of SLI and will never have it. I plan to run most of my games on ultra settings...so that would mean it would be hard for me to get much more than 60fps on modern games. right?

If you are only getting like 60-70 fps...would you rather have an IPS or 120hz monitor? Would you notice significant smoothness with 120hz over 60hz ips even if you aren't achieve triple digit frames per second?

Doesn't 120hz monitors make more sense for people with SLI that can achieve very high frames on modern games for a few years? And wouldn't a 120hz monitor become less effect over time...since gaming graphic will improve and your aging GFX card (unless you upgrade often) can't keep up with the necessarily frames to make 120hz monitor as worthy as it once used to be?

IPS better for people that don't upgrade often?
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  1. I prefer IPS monitors because of the better viewing angles. Static contrast also tends to be a bit better or closer to what the specs states. Static contrast for TN panels tends to be a bit overstated in most case when tested using the right equipment.

    I'm not a hardcore gamer so a 120Hz monitor doesn't really mean anything to me.

    Is IPS better for those who do not upgrade often? That depends on the individual. I personally do not upgrade often since I buy expensive monitors; $1,200+ for my NEC LCD2690WUXi and ~$800 for my Planar PX2611w. Upgrading every 2 or 3 years can become quite expensive for me.
  2. Thanks Janguar.

    What are your thoughts about 120hz monitors, if you only get about 60fps? Is it still noticeable smoother than 60fps on a 60hz IPS?

    I personally don't think I can ever maintain 100+ fps on modern games..even after I upgrade (since I never get SLI).
  3. any other comments?

    especially from someone that has experienced both type of monitors? ips vs 120hz for overall pc use, including all genre of gaming using 1 x GTX 570.
  4. Too bad you never got a good answer re: "What are your thoughts about 120hz monitors, if you only get about 60fps?" I'm wondering this as well.

    What did you end up buying? I'm considering a Dell U2312HM UltraSharp 23-in 1080p IPS in lieu of not being able to drive a 120MHz with enough FPS as time goes by (GTX 580).
  5. i got an HP zr24w IPS (for $250..MacMall deal..i couldn't pass it up)..but i might also get an 120hz monitor soon to compare. Either Asus VG236HE or Samsung S23A750. I'll probably return one of them once i figure out which one i like more...

    FYI - you might want to read this...same thread different forum.


    My Current Opinion:

    What GFX you have? SLI? I think if you can pull some decent frames with whatever rig you have..then perhaps 120hz is worth it. If you are pulling less than 70 fps..than perhaps go with IPS. It all really depends on your rig and what you mainly use your PC for. At least that is my current belief on that topic.

    However, I have heard that the 120hz Samsung A950/A750 monitors are really nice and have great colors...so perhaps they are best of both worlds. I have never seen one in person...so you can't trust me.

    I do think there is diminishing returns on both sides depending on your frame rate (if you game). It's a balancing act...imo. Even tho, IPS will always look better than 120hz regardless of what you are using your PC for...just like...120hz will always feel smoother regardless of your frames per second vs. 60hz IPS...

    Overall Advantage :: IPS vs. 120hz (for most people, who equally care about image quality & tearing)

    [0 - 79 FPS] -------- [80 - 99 FPS]------------ [100+ FPS]
    [IQ wins] ----------- [IQ = Refresh Rate]---- [Refresh Rate wins]
    [Photography] ---- [Everything Else]-------- [First-Person Shooters]
    [IPS] ---------------- [IPS or 120hz] ---------- [120hz]
  6. From the pool, I think the answer is pretty definitive! IPS is the grand winner for now (4-0).

    I'm a little biased since I own an IPS (ZR24W) but I've tested the 120 hz and I seriously can't justify the extra money spent on that kind of a monitor. First because it's not 150$ worth of smoothness and second, the 3D is not realy3d in my book and gives me a headache.
  7. Ive NEVER had image tearing on a 60hz ips screen. On my viewsonic s-ips or my sony tv s-ips.

    Unless pushing past 120fps then 120hz is pointless. Ips panels arent choppy as 120hz users would suggest.

    If you have the cash ips is best. Note that the cheaper e-ips is only a 6 bit panel so isnt the same in quality as the 8 bit s-ips, h-ips and p-ips panels.
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