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HDMI Audio won't work on my LG TV 42 120hz variety. The hdmi audio is greyed and cannot be enabled. The monitor is said to be a gneric plug-n-play versus an lg whatever. Latest ATI no change. Where can I get the correct 'monitor' driver - as the ATI catalyst control panel says no audio due to an unsupported monitor. Other systems I have the hdmi cables work perfectly so i have narrowed it to the display driver ( not the graphics card drivers.
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  1. You'll probably have better luck on the LG forums. Have you checked their web site for drivers?
  2. Yes with no resolution; I have seen this before, but not on my system. On my laptop it works fine, on another system no issues, I looked for the 'monitor' driver but they show different listings and neither of those are applicable on my system with the issue. I'd hate to reload, but I'm looking for the monitor driver here first.
    I've tried uninstalling all audio and graphics drivers, reset the bios to defaults, and looked for the applicable hdmi/graphics settings. NOTE: Using Crossfire'd Grphics card with SYStem (onboard) card...possibly try taking that out of the system might do something...Thoughts?
  3. Your on a 120Hz 3D tv, its more likely the case you will have to go into the Ati catalyst center and set the output frequency to 120Hz as it will be set below 120Hz.
    You will get no picture untill you sync the graphics card frequency with what the tv is set to by default. Or you should have an option in the tv to drop the frequency for Hdmi input to 60hz or more depending on the resolution. You should also be able to software switch the primary graphics output device if in crossfire mode with a Pci-e card in and an on board Gpu solution to default output screen 1. just make sure its set, to use it with Hdmi.
  4. Video has not been an issue Weaselman; however here are some interesting facts.
    Bios settings show 'surround' enabled for graphics devices (onboard and addon ati hd card) this enables the crossfirex. I removed the addon card over lunch and the system booted properly and low and behold sound coming out of the tv via hdmi ( like it was supposed to. rebooted a few times and then re- added the ATI card. System initially came up and showed display on both devices. But after login (win7-64) the graphics reverted to only HDMI output-including sound. both adaptors show, but only one displays, and also if I turn the PC off and reboot without the HDMI cable the 2nd display eventually shows it looks like it was an initialization issue. Thanks for your thoughts.
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