Best 3D headset for gaming?

Hey, I am currently looking into getting a gaming headset, and I need good 3D sound, and a good mic for recording videos of gameplay. Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    We are often asked, “Which are the best headphones?”
    WELL, the best headphones sound better than ANY speakers. AND these will run on less power than speakers do, too. You can plug them directly into the computer…and get great sound quality.

    IMHO The best headphones are made by STAX.
    Once you see and hear STAX, you will realize that ALL other headphones are LESS than Stax. Now see what you can get, based on your own budget.
    Maybe you don’t have $3000.00 to spend on headphones? Well, there are other alternatives that sound pretty darn good. But, anything less than STAX is a compromise.

    IMHO Sennheiser: probably the second best choice, if you don’t have $3000.00!

    The BEST headphones cover the entire ear, like a CUP.
    ANY headphone that presses against the ear will cause discomfort and PAIN. You have been warned.

    VISIT your local hi fi shop and TRY for yourself, several different headphones.
    Reviews mean nothing, compared to your OWN TASTE.
    DO NOT allow a salesperson to influence your choices. DO NOT allow reviews on the internet, to influence your taste in sound quality.
    DECIDE what is best YOURSELF. TRY first, then BUY.
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