No battery recharge keeps switching from outlet to battery


My Aspire 2000 is having a problem where it keeps switching from battery to outlet and back nonstop. When it doesn't switch it stays on battery and drains extremely fast. The system also seems to freak out when trying to boot with the battery taken out.
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  1. Is the light that indicates the power adapter is connecter staying on?
    Is the battery pushed all the way in and locked in place?

    Could be a intermittant power cord or plug.
  2. Light is fine, battery completely pushed in.

    Replugged everything multiple times.
  3. probably socket on laptop if you wiggle plug at computer does it go on and off battery power
    this can be expensive as socket is soldered to motherboard fixable as long as motherboard is not damaged
  4. Wiggling doesn't do anything.
  5. My guess, Battery or motherboard. Do you know anyone with the same laptop that you could borrow a battery from?
    From the Acer web site, "it should take 4 hours to charge battery, if not charged in 4 hours it's bad"
  6. No one around me with the same laptop/battery so can't check that.
  7. Correction as well it seems to be a aspire 3000 and not a 2000 as previously mentioned. Though I highly doubt that will make too much of a difference with the current problem.

    It charges within 4 hours as well.
  8. It seems that people are focusing on the battery itself. But it should be noted that the system doesn't seem to run at all without a battery being present in the first place. And it is of course plugged into an outlet when the battery is removed.

    So it seems more related to the connector itself. But wiggling the cable around doesn't change anything. And the power brick seems to work fine based on the status light on it.
  9. try working your way down both power cords bending the cable incase break inside cable gather plug is moulded on kind .

    other thing try plugging into other power socket incase its the wall socket
  10. No kinks in the cable or anything, same problem on a different outlet as well.

    Once it it does feel like going off the AC, I can unplug it and plug it back in and it will work fine. But if I put the computer on standby when the AC is working, once it turns on it'll run off the battery again.
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