So whats the point to the 90nms??

Im going skt 939 soon and out of curiousity whats the benefit to the winchesters? At 200mhz slower than the clawhammers they have no extra cache to make up for it. Should I spend more and get the newcastle 3500? Or is the cheaper 2.0ghz winchester 3200 capable of anything?
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  1. 90nm Draws less Power, and seems to be a great choice for overclocking.

    Winchester is basically the Newcastle core, with a few minor tweaks to better facilitate the die shrink.

    I'm not sure what you mean about '200Mhz slower than the clawhammers'... Generally speaking a Newcastle/Winchester will be ~200Mhz <i>faster</i> than a Clawhammer with the same rating (e.g. 3200+ is available as a 2Ghz clawhammer <i>or</i> a 2.2Ghz Newcastle).

    They adjust the PR rating to (in theory) reflect the performance increase from the additional cache. However most of the time the 2.2Ghz/512Kb part will beat the 2Ghz/1Mb part - the A64 architecture doesn't benefit from additional cache anywhere near as much as P4's Netburst.

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  2. They don't have extra cache, but they have dual channel memory controller. Clock vs. Clock, Winchesters are 1-7% faster than Newcastle. But extra 9-10% clock speed always gives 5-7% performance increase, so between equal PR'ed Newcastle and Winchester, Newcastle is slightly faster.

    I think there's no point of upgrading to any of these CPUs form your current A64 3000+.

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  3. Actually after much long testing of EVERYTHING I had in my system, it was determined my video card problem was it was incompatible with nforce3 chipsets, like many users are reporting even though its an nvidia video card (go figure). This involved testing of 3 brand new Nforce3 250 boards, same problems despite switching all other hardware out ( except HD though Im ruling that out....) So Im switching to VIA, eeek hope it goes well, and figured Id do it on 939 with a new cpu.
  4. Which Nvidia Vid card would be incompatible with an Nvidia chipset? That sounds far-fetched to me or an incredible factory faux pau.

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  5. Different high end Nvidia cards are having problems with Nforce3 chipset.

    From fastwrites not working to underpowering which causes stuttering.

    Ive now tried 4 different Nforce3 boards, can't get my 6800gt to run right. Popped in ati 9500 and fastwrites and overclocking worked. Popped 6800gt into old Nforce2 board and it did everything like fastwrites and huge overclock.

    Theres a huge 15 page thread about this somewhere on another forum of ppl with the same prob. Its unfortunate....
  6. link?

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  7. Heres the link but keep something in mind.. They are all isolated incidents, but add up. In other words, while my BFG 6800GT may have probs, the next guy's may not.

    SOme fixes fix things for some people, but not without taking away features, while the majority cant fix it at all.

    I partially fixed my prob, but had to turn fast writes off. But... now I cant use fastwrites. While popping in my Ati 9500 let me use fastwrites just fine... Either way I still could not overclock at all, yet the BFG overclocked great on an nforce2 board the same day.

    It all stinks.
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  9. Man that's gotta be a b*tch, but fastwrite doesn't do much performance-wise, so...

    But that still sucks, i was just planning getting the Gigabyte Nforce3 board, with a s939 3200+ when it's available in canada, and an albatron 6800GT. Guess going have to do more research before buying. Just curious have you tried updating bios? Maybe that could help.
  10. I don't think that the problems on that forum (which most users are o/c their cards) warrents your original statement:

    it was determined my video card problem was it was incompatible with nforce3 chipsets

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  11. Also, looking at that quote I just posted:

    Your English sucks man, goto school or something :lol: , the rest of your posts are of a reasonable quality.

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  12. ok n00b
  13. I have never heard about any video card incompatibiliy issues with nForce3. And nVidia video cards doesn't work with nForce, it's hard to beleive.

    I think Fastwrite is guily. It doesn't increase performance, but often cause problems

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  14. Spitfire could you please explain, what the hell is fastwrite? I just know it's there but honestly i don't know what it does.
  15. Fastwrite allows AGP card to directly access system RAM instead of accessing via CPU

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  16. Ya I am pretty sure I have this turned off but I am too lazy to look.

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  17. whatever you say n00b
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