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Question: How do I fix my external speakers?

Problem: So for a long time I had been using some beater speakers I had been given and they worked well until they fell apart. While I had them, I noted that when I plugged in some headphones it would distort the sound and would have terrible mixing. I thought it was just because they were some cheap headphones from a hotel that would break easily, so I didn't think much of it. Plus, I had used headphones that worked fine before, but not recently. When my beater speakers finally broke beyond repair, I replaced them. I started to notice anytime that I plug in any audio device with my computer (Asus Eee Netbook) I would have the same problem. I realize after buying a second pair of speakers that if the speakers had a device I could plug in to the USB and the audio (or just the USB) then they would work flawlessly. If it was just the audio jack, it would equalize terribly and be extremely fuzzy. What am I supposed to do to fix it?

I have checked everything and I am sure that it is not just the speakers (external) or the computer. It is something specific to not having the USB jack.
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  1. The headphone jack may be damaged, or the solder connections on the circuit board can break.
    This happens pretty often. Sometimes a computer store can repair it.
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