How to connect laptop and home theatre here?


I want 5.1 output, I have Dell 15R N5110(with HDMI) laptop and I am interested in Energy 5.1 Take Classic HT.

Should I go for Computer speakers? Which speaker? Kindly suggest.

If No, Please guide me(which other compos would be required and which type of connection could work) to connect them for DTS/Dolby output if possible? I am doubtful whether Creative SB X-FI HD USB card will work!

Thanks for help...
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  1. i'm not sure if you could use your hdmi port for just sound. it may default to video + sound although in the mode where you get video on the laptop and the external device sound may get exported.

    an external usb soundcard would be easy enough to hook up to 5.1 pc speakers. logitech makes some good value speakers.

    for a ht system you may be able to use hdmi or more likely a usb soundcard with either spdif output or via 3.5mm to composite cables.
  2. Which is good for a room of size 15x10 feet and what should be the size of room for HT? Can a computer speaker set sounds as good as HT?

    If I check Creative SB X FI HD USB SC specs:

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Front Channel Out/Headphone: 114 dB (20kHz Low-pass filter, A-Weighted)
    Audio Technology: THX TruStudio Pro

    Microphone input (1/4” jack)
    Headphone output (1/4" jack)
    Line in / Phono in* (2 x RCA jacks)
    Line out (2x RCA jacks)
    Optical SPDIF input and output (2 x optical connectors)

    * Equipped with RIAA EQ (Equalization), which allows recording from a turntable directly without a pre-amp.
    Interface: USB 2.0

    does these 2x optical connectors carry 5.1 o/p?
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    with a room that size either pc speakers or a ht system would work.

    some better pc speakers may sound better than some low end ht speakers but in general i would say ht speakers are capable of much better sound if you are willing to shell out a little extra cash.

    pc speakers are plug and play while ht speakers would require either adapter cables, an amp or a receiver.

    a spdif output (optical) can carry the signal from your pc to a receiver or other similar device. if you plan on using pc speakers or adapting using 3.5mm to composite cables then you will want standard pc speaker 3.5mm ports on the soundcard. 5.1 requires 3 (LF/RF, C, LR/RR channels).
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