Will upgrading to "win7 professional" from "home" increase my RAM?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I'm currently running windows 7 64bit home premium. I'm just limited to 16gb usable with G.skill 24gb. I know that home premium will limit you to only 16gb vs. professional and ultimate which gives you 192gb limit.

I don't want to buy another OEM 64 bit professional from newegg since it's about 140 bucks new. I believe there is a "Microsoft windows anytime" software that can upgrade your home to professional.

My question is will it rise my 16gb limit to 192gb? I try searching about I couldn't find any answers on google.

Antec 900
Asus P6T
Intel i7-920
Cool Master V8
G.Skill DDR3 24gb
OCZ SSD 480gb
1TB WD black HDD
1TB Seagate HDD
2 x XFX ATI 7770
Creative SB X-fi sound card
Corsair 850w PSU
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  1. It will raise it to the max allowed by your particular motherboard (some are different) - check the manual. The 192GB limit refers to the max theoretical limit that the OS could use.
  2. It will allow you to use the maximum amount of ram you have.
  3. Thank you guys. It seem like win8 upgrade is much cheaper to DL from Microsoft, but I don't think most of my plugin will work. Also there's a lot of mix reviews about win8. I think I'll wait for win8 to mature a little more. I think I'll wait for a good deal on ebay for win7 pro.
  4. Windows 8 allows for 128GiB on the base edition and 512GiB on the professional edition. Given that it's a newer OS and has a cheap upgrade path, I'd consider checking it out.

    I've been using Windows 8 for months, it works great. I have yet to run into a single thing from Windows Vista or Windows 7 that fails to work under Windows 8. Even most device drivers will work.

    EDIT: The Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty and X-Fi Titanium HD sound cards work with Windows 8. The drivers are a little bit buggy at the moment but they do work provided you don't restart your PC very often. I'm not sure about the legacy PCI X-Fi cards though
  5. Well....
    Look at it this way... The guy who made Win8 got fired and was replaced by two women...
  6. @ pinhedd - the word buggy just bugs me. Even thou Microsoft has sold millions of copy of win8. I'm just not convince *yet* to switch over from win7. I just really love my win7 because I know it. I think I'll have to wait until it matures a little more.

    @ memadmax - I didn't know that. Sounds almost as bad as when apple fired Scott Forstall for the new apple maps.
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