BURN ur pocket Dual/Quad/Octa CPU & Dual PCIe x16

<A HREF="http://www.iwill.net/sppage/2004_10/2004_10.htm" target="_new">http://www.iwill.net/sppage/2004_10/2004_10.htm</A>
Thats from Iwill. Grape has posted one from Tyan <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=417448#417448" target="_new">here</A>.

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  1. The Iwill is the one I've been waiting for. I hope someone gets their hands on one of those and does a thorough review soon.

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  2. More
    <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=19229" target="_new">http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=19229</A>

    imagine that with dual cores :smile:

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  3. For the average user, the ideal setup to create dual-core-specific applications is actually a dual opteron 250 board...

    And dual xeon setups as well.

    I just hope someone bothers to write their critical piece of code (i.e. that which hold the software performance down) for multithreaded operation...

    As for workstation users, can you imagine just how powerful a quad-processor opteron workstation with SLI would be? This is real progress in hardware. This is performance that could only be dreamed about 5 years ago! Most impressive. :cool:
  4. int pthread_create(pthread\_t *tid, const pthread\_attr\_t *tattr,
    void*(*start_routine)(void *), void *arg);

    Man, I'd jump all over a 4 or 8 way system if the Opteron 8xx series didn't break the bank. $650 for the cheapest, the 842(1.6ghz). 248s are $655, prices from pricewatch. Then the motherboards...

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  5. I was kind of thinking... the fact that dual core will arrive will probably give some added benefits for single-core, HT-enabled P4 processors as well!...

    Simple multithreading can bring an improvement in HT-enabled machines alright. Much bigger than we have seen; I've messed around a bit with that, and the numbers are quite impressive indeed. I've witnesses 50% performance gains in some special pieces of code! With HT alone...

    In any case, I agree with that which many review sites are saying: 2005 is not the year of dual core. 2006 is. Intel is only pushing dual core hard for the desktop because it just so happens that they don't have anything else!
  6. why are you saying that? becuase intel isnt releasing mass dual cores till 2006 now?

    if you looked at amd, 2005 certainly looks like the year of dual core for them
  7. I think he means, and as far as the desktop goes I agree, that 2005 isn't going to be the year that dual core really begins to shine. Again, on the desktop.

    I think we're going to see servers and workstations embrace it like crazy, assuming the price is good. That's the thing that could cripple adoption rates in the server/workstation segment.

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  8. oh yeah sure, i dont think they will be perforamnce leading in 2005, but i bet they are the big thing everyone is talking about next year lol
  9. Exactly. Thanks, raretech, for making my point more clear. :smile:

    That is exactly what I meant. The impact of dual-core on the overall desktop market will most likely not be truly felt until 2005. Workstations will obviously embrace it like hell - like they usually embrace dual-CPU setups.

    Intel will probably try to make dual core the big thing of 2005 anyway. They might just succeed in flooding the market with them by the end of 2005 - it's unlikely, but not impossible - but still, the performance benefits will still take a while to be explored. Therefore, 2006 is actually when dual-core will impress.

    This is all speculation, of course, and should be taken as such... but it's speculation that is based on common sense - at least I hope so, that's my best common sense in action... :wink: ... as far as I can tell!
  10. well i think if amd is able to stay in line with its projections for releases on dual core, it will be 64bit all over again. amd getting out first and better in the first generation of chips. i think if amd can stay on track its very possible this could be a big spring board for them. its odd how intel has decided to do desktop in 2005 and then workstation/server in 2006. i mean amd is making the right move, hitting where they are already gaining share, they know desktops wont be the battle ground for dual core in 2005.

    i guess intel wants to make some big statement in 2005, some marketing thing.
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