Razer black widow ultimate Help :(

ok basicly i have been using the black widow for about 3 months now and all of a suddenly 5 buttons stoped working i have reinstalled the drivers and tried updating them i think that there might be something wrong with the macro or something sometimes it just repeats the 5 letters over and over O.O so

it just looks like this


please help
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  1. Reset your macros with the software you get? Not sure looks like that could be it.
  2. Id like to tell you your not alone in this world... there are children like me and you with the same problem and man, it just makes us unique and special, the btgah syndrome is vastly infectionesstifactionfull and man.. we will pull through, this life was meant for us, and we will make the best of it..

    sincerely, a fellow btgah syndrome victim.
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