Gigabyte Motherboard Driver

Just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Trying to install the motherboard chipset but got confused with these options.

Which one do I install? Asetup or Setup?

Motherboard is Gigabyte 880-GMA U2DH rev2.1
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  1. setup

    if that doesnt work then try asetup
  2. Get the fresh drivers for that board from the Gigabyte website.
  3. mcnumpty23 said:

    if that doesnt work then try asetup

    Is it mandatory? I read somewhere that if there is no issue, I can skip the motherboard driver and proceed with updating my Videocard driver.

    If it is a must, can I install the motherboard driver AFTER installing the Videocard driver?
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    chipset drivers are usually the first thing i install--but yes you can probably do it after the video driver

    mandatory--no--important yes

    you may suffer performance loss and usb ports or other stuff may not function without the chipset drivers
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