Best 24" Monitor for ~$300 (Gaming)

Which monitor would be the best bang for the buck 24" monitor for about $300?

Mostly used for gaming and would prefer 1920x1200.
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  1. 24" IPS monitors are normally 1920x1200..however, 120hz monitors are better for gaming if you got a good rig that can push like 80+ fps.

    for 120hz (at decent price):

    Asus VG236HE ($280)
    Acer GD235HZbid ($330)
    Planar SA2311W ($315)
    Samsung S23A950/A750 ($450/$399)

    S23A950/A750 (expensive) > VG236HE (great price; glossy) > SA2311W (very good; matted) > Acer GD235HZbid

    for IPS (at decent price):

    Asus PA238Q (IPS, $270)
    Dell U2311H (IPS, $285)
    HP zr24w (IPS, $320)
    Dell 2410

    U2311 is probably best for gaming, but if you want 24" zr24w and 2410 are both great. Asus is also good.
  2. I'm sorry cloudy but that price is over now =/. The real price is now 320$ which is still in your pricerange. I own the zr24w and this is hands down the best screen I have ever owned. I highly recommend it!
  3. i actually have a ZR24w...I got it from that MacMall deal for $250...yeah it im pretty awesome.
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