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Rat 7 Mousepad

I've been thinking about getting a rat 7 for my gaming mouse and I wanted to know if you kind people would know if a Steelseries 9hd would be a good pad for it? I already have this pad and I dont want to buy another.
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    I just discovered something amazing... the mionix propus 380. It's so freaking amazing 0_0! the precision is just sick on it, I highly suggest it with your RAT 7, you won't regret it. It's at a reasonable price (around 24$). It's steep if you're on a budget but the pad will stay there for quite a long time :).

    Happy shopping !
  3. In general any mousepad will work with an led mouse. The same is true with laser mice except super reflective ones.

    Personally a $4 foamrubber cloth one beats them all imo
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