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Can anyone help me find a Netbook? I cannot find one that I really like. I am looking for the longest battery life possible. My budget is not a issue. Please help.
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  2. I moved your thread over here so that you'd have better luck finding a recommendation. Fill out the FAQ thread at the top of the forum (laptop forum) so we can find something that fits your needs best.
  3. Mate, I hear Dell has one with a 9 hour battery life. I just bought an Asus. Its 5 months old and has been with the manufacturer 2 months with a fried motherboard. They cant fix it and wont give me a refund and/or replacement. I am going legal with them. Good luck buddy.
  4. Thanks I actually posted this again over last night figuring I posted it in the wrong place to begin with.

    As far as Dell go's I think I will stay away from them all together. Not really a fan of them for many reasons. I have been looking at the Asus or Acer whichever it is EEPC ones and the MSI Wind models but I cannot seem to find the MSI wind u115 model which is supposed to last up to 25 Hours. I would love to find something around the 12 hour mark that does not require adjusting the Netbook to get it. I can see adjusting hte brightness for extra battery length a bit but to have to turn it all the way down would not work seeing how I would be using it for watching movies or web browsing during flight travel.
  5. I have a Samsung N150 that has pretty good battery life - about 9 - 10 hours. I haven't tried watching movies on it though.
  6. Great I will check it out. Thanks for your input.
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