What cord/cable do i need to hook up my subwoofer!?

I have an altec lansing powered subwoofer (built in amp) for i believe a surround sound for computer, could be for other surround sound too. I cannot figure out what cord/adapter i need to hook it up. I know i need a cord with the rca audio cable to hook up to my xbox or dvd player audio plugs. But i cant find a cord with the other end to connect to the subwoofer. The sub has just one hole/connection plug. It is not a plug that audio cables could fit in to. Please try to help me! THANKS!! HELP IS APPRECIATED!!
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  1. ^ I don't think the xbox and dvd player has sub-out on the back. You will need a receiver / amp in this case. Most receivers have sub-out (RCA).

    Or directly connect from xbox to subwoofer via RCA (L & R), and out to front channel speakers.

    Do you have pictures of the back of your subwoofer? that would help
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