Need Pc Gaming Headset Advice - Which ones better?

What do people think is better?

The Plantronics is surround sound and the Razer is stereo, So im wondering if this will make a difference?

Plantronics -

or the Razer -

Need advice on quality of sound as well as comfort although i think the Razer is definitely more comfortable just main doubt is on the stereo sound

I will be spending the majority of my time on Arma 3,

But games like battlefield 3 and other FPS shooters are what im looking to play

I know you are all alot more knowledgeable then myself and have been assisted greatly before on this site
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  1. it depends on how you'll be using them. stereo is usually preferred for music and some movie tracks, while surround is often touted in gaming. to be honest, it won't make that big of a difference, so long as both headsets are good quality. surround sound has advantages when directional audio comes into play - just think of any FPS where it may be beneficial to hear someone behind you, that kinda stuff.

    the blacksharks are marketed as gaming headphones, and while many may denounce the 'gaming' moniker as nothing but a marketing ploy, I think it's at least reasonable to assume that the manufacturer intended for these to be used in that type of environment. in other words, I think you'd do just fine with the razers.

    happy listening
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