Where is the bottleneck?

Ok I recently replace my 9600 pro 256mb card (crappy) with a 9700 pro and am still experiencing low fps in games such as Sims 2 and Counterstrike:Source. Even running on low resolution with low settings my FPS drops really low. I have tried the newest ATI drivers, and also the Omega ones. Omega gave me about 10 more fps on average but still stutters.

Are there any tests that would tell me if its my processor or my memory preventing me from getting better fps?

System specs
Athlon XP 2000+
9700 pro
512mb RAM 1 stick crucial, other generic
M811 pcchips motherboard
300w power supply

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  1. I would guess that your processor is the most likely bottleneck for gaming. I've personally played CS:S on a P4 2.6 ghz computer with a Radeon 7200 graphics card + 512 MB of ram. While FAR from perfect, the game ran fluidly enough.
  2. Upgrading CPU may help

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  3. Punch it up to a gb of ram and see what happens.

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  4. Getting yourself an A64 would give u a huge boost, probably in the range of 50-80% depending on the situation. If anyone has ever played ut2004 on an AXP and then on an A64 they will know what i mean. Nothing else can compare period.
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