Razer Blackwidow ultimate.

ok guys, this is it. I have a problem with the keyboard:

my keyboard is almost 1month old or should I say new? anyway my problem is not about functionality instead the quality.

My problem is the lights of F9 and Pause key are not light up the F9 button's light is super weak while the pause/break key has no light almost to none...

it really disappoints me because I look razer is one of the coolest maker out there but maybe I will change my keyboard later this year (I will give this keyboard to my cousin on the other country)

Please dont get me wrong about this, my problem is just the keyboard's quality yet it failed me on the lights, I brought this keyboard because it really looks cool and it feels good when typing, and the lights are good too when you playing in the dark room but. . . it was really something. . . it fails...
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  1. this is most likely due to the placement of the leds underneath the keyboard. uneven backlighting isnt an issue that just plagues this board but many other backlit keyboards on thet market as well. the actual physical performance of the board isnt affected by this, its just cosmetic.

    you could probably patch a few more leds into the circuit if they are just wired in. if they are part of the actual circuit board you're stuck with what you have though.

    if you decide to replace the keyboard with something else ( i'm guessing another mechanical keyboard since i was part of the first post) then you have an option besides buying one with lights. you can buy "glow in the dark" key stickers which absorb sunlight during the day and will glow at night for quite a few hours.
  2. yeah, I think I learned my lesson here and thanks to that I know Razer is only good at making mouse >_> anyway im still thinking to buy a logitech g15 AFAIK? coz it has light and small screen on keyboard. . . but I think that keyboard is not cherry mx blue >_>
  3. razer does an okay job with both their mice and kbs. their products are mid-level devices, not top end by far but good enough. their pricing however makes people think they are high-end.

    i'm sure the razer keyboard will work for a good long time , its just the led issue you're unhappy with. worth looking into fixing it perhaps, all it takes is a screwdriver to check. the only problem is the placement of leds under the kb face... which might not be a big deal at all depending on how they are mounted.

    the g15 is a rubber-dome switch type keyboard - not a mechanical keyboard. you'd have to see how even the backlighting is, i dont know. some people like the screen but ultimately its just one more thing that can break.


    if i was in your shoes i'd pop the kb open and have a look. if the leds are wired up (and not on a circuit board) its easy enough to pop a few more into the loop.

    if i was really unhappy with the kb and didnt feel like fixing it (you said you were going to give it away) then i'd give up on leds and get a truly functional kb like the ones i mentioned before (das or unicomp). as i said before you can always buy glow in the dark stickers for the keys (which actually do not look half bad). i know the das comes in a model without labels printed so you dont have to worry about overlapping.


    on a whim i searched google


    looks like there may be guides/how-tos to fix led issues on the kb.
  4. thanks. my F9 has light now but its kinda dark than others, but my pause key totally died T_T anyway I will give it a search what you recommend to me. . .
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