PC to LED TV but audio through dvd player surround

Basically I want to try gaming on my 55" 120Hz LED and have the sound output through the Samsung DVD player with 5.1 surround sound.

My system has a gigabyte UD5H motherboard and SLI GTX 670s. I want to use HDMI for the TV image.

What are my options for sound through the DVD player's 5.1 surround?
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  1. I think it depends whether or not your dvd player can act as an avr / hub for other sources. in other words, can you plug in any additional inputs, such as a gaming console or cable box? ideally you'd want to go: gpu -> sound system/avr -> speakers/tv, but if your dvd player doesn't do bluray then it most likely doesn't have hdmi inputs / passthrough, and the 670 outputs via hdmi, displayport, or dvi, so it'd be tough to split the audio without a toslink connection.. so you may be in a bit of a pickle. :(
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