Can my old monitor work on new computer

I am building a new computer and the new monitor I wish for right now cost over 600$, the Asus 27 inch 3d monitor so I was thinking of wateing off on buying it now and buy it around Christmas time or the first of the 2012 because I imagine prices are going to drop.
My question is this in my new build I am going to be using a 580 Nvidia and a modern motherboard and wondering if my old Mitsubishi diamond pro 920 can be used tell I get the cash and lower price for the new monitor ,
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  1. You should be able to use your old monitor with you new computer.
  2. Most high end Graphics cards have DVI outputs and if your old monitor is VGA, you will need a DVI --> VGA adapter. Like this:

    Other than that, it will work fine.
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