Asus K53E W7 Install Driver Issue.

I'm having a driver based issue with the an ASUS K35E.

Basically I was asked to do a HDD replacement and reinstall of windows 7 home premium (64 bit) and I've hit an issue I've not had before.
It asks for a drivers before it will install W7, I assumed it was SATA drivers as I've had this before but the SATA drivers off the asus website dont seem to be working just says no new devices found, then I tried installing ALL the drivers of the ASUS website and still nothing. I'm a little confused.

anyone got any ideas

P.S. I do not have the original rescue or install disks just the laptop.
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  1. So where are you installing Windows 7 from ?
    Do you get stuck on installation that Windows sees no HDD ?
  2. When I was reinstalling Windows 7 on my computer, just after booting from a cd, it would load and I would click install. It then gave me an error and said locate missing cd/dvd drivers. I believe this is an error with the disc. Use the link below to download an iso, burn it to a disc and it should work. Just make sure you download the right one so your key works.
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