My logitech gamepad has stop working

my logitech gamepad is not working anymore
it worked before even after a few accidents
like it's cord was under my chair leg when i was sitting down and i didn't know at the time
it left a open mark on it where i can see the wires and it still worked and then when it got tangled i tired to untangle it but i didn't worry about it then thats when it kept turning on and off but it stayed on that time
but then when i kept in untangled and plug it in the USB port my computer didn't make the sound it makes when you plug in a device and now i don't know it stopped working because
i crushed it's cord or tired to untangle it
and i only had this gamepad for a month
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  1. Sounds like a cord problem. These cords are multi-stranded and the wires are color coded. If you are handy with a soldering iron, solder repair the cord paying close attention to the color coding.
  2. right cause i notice that a red wire was broken when i look at the inside of the cord
  3. mage2008 said:
    right cause i notice that a red wire was broken when i look at the inside of the cord

    Very repairable!

    1. Very carefully strip the outer insulation using a sharp razor blade or 'Exacto' knife.
    2. Then STAGGER the wire lengths so that after splicing they are not all in the same physical location. (If more than 1 wire is broken).
    3. After that 'tin' each wire end individually with rosin-core solder (Kester or similar brand).
    4. Now solder the wires together with the colors coding matched.
    5. After that wrap some electrical insulating tape around each joint individually.
    6. Hold all the solder repaired wires together and wrap some electrical tape around the entire bundle.

    An alternate to the above is the use of a 'Crimp Connector' available at Radio Shack. This will work better for you if only one wire is broken. Borrow their crimp tool, or do the crimping at Radio Shack.

    Remember, staggering the joints is necessary for a neat finish.

    Good Luck!
  4. wow that's a big problem sounds like you going to need a new Logitech gaming controller I had that same problem you could get a new one on amazon very cheap. Look at the link below

    Logitech Gamepad F310
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