I got a lot of programs on computer and computer sun slow

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  1. do you have a lot of programs running at the same time? How full is your hard drive?
  2. click start
    type msconfig
    press enter
    click on the startup tab
    uncheck the programs that you dont need to start when you turn your pc
    (adobe, java, quicktime ect.)
  3. hi... I have been using a great app that solved the same problem that you have with SOLUTO. It is very easy to use, it will determine which programs your PC needs in order to start up when booting. No need to get into difficult solutions when SOLUTO can do it for you so give it a shot. It is safe to use and very easy to set-up. Just install it and follow the instructions. Please let me know if it helps you. I can tell you that it has been very helpful and I am sure that it will be for you also. It really improves your boot-time......
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