940XM in Alienware M17x-R2


Does anyone know if the R2 version of the m17x supports the new 940xm cpu? I plan on ordering the laptop with the lowest cpu and then buying that one and install it myself if that will work. thanks for the help
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  1. It depends what chip you are going to order in it. If it is an ultra mobile i7, it maybe a different socket, but I am unsure. Chances are if you go with a 720 or 740, it will be the same socket.
  2. im going with the 720 so i think im going to bite the bullet on the 940 and hope. should be pretty sweet for a mobile rig with the 5870 xfire.
  3. Both my laptops on darkstorm.biz support the i7 940xm
  4. is what im seeing on ur site right? u have sli 480's???????????
  5. Yes i have SLI 480M available :)
  6. dang i gotta cancel my order then. i hope its not 2 late!
  7. let me know.
  8. DarkStormComputers said:
    let me know.

    how much would it be in USD for that x8100 with the 940 and 2 480's with 4GB ram or so and everything else your default config?
  9. the 940 xm is still about 1300 USD and the 480M are 800 USD each, and i sell the X8100 with all factory factory options for 1399 usd without the GPU option selected.
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