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I have a Dell laptop that was going through rough times with trojans and such. I paid for and downloaded some AVG software that cleaned up some of the problems but some still remained. The last issue I was able to see happen were reports of "critical errors" and virus infections and such with extremely limited use of the computer to fix them. Now, the computer will not start in normal mode and when I try to start it in safe mode (using any of the options), it locks up and nothing happens. What are my options? Thank you!!!!
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  1. Insert the Dell disk and do a system restore/repair.
    If that doesn't work there should be a disk image that can return your computer to factory. (how it came out of the box)
  2. how exactly do i run the disk? If i insert the disk when the computer is on in any mode (frozen or not), will it run the program? Thank you for your help!!!
  3. Put the DVD in the drive, your computer will try the Hard drive and when it can't boot from that it will go to the DVD.
    Let us know what happens.
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