What is the write protection of a disk?

Hello, my camputer can not copy any file in any disk!1 and errors that ur disk is write protected. remove the disk or use another oone!!
now. 2what should i do??
is it a virus?
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  1. You forgot to give your specs (especially motherboard, disk controller and hard drive) and more importantly what OS are you using? When did the problem start exactly? Did you install any new software or system change prior to the problem? And when you say "any disk" how many hard drives do you have? Or is it just one drive with multiple partitions? Are the drives you're referring to internal or external? Is there enough free space left on the drives? Sometimes error messages can be misleading. But as you can see we'll need more information if you want to get help, please provide more details.

    If you think it's a virus you could make a back-up of your system and simply reformat the drives.
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