Black Screen after BIOS Splash and before Windows install comes up


I'm loading a new system and encountering a problem I haven't seen before.

I have a Gigabyte Z77MXD3H motherboard with an Intel i5 3570 proc. When I boot to the Windows 7 install disk I get the BIOS splash screen, then the monitor goes so dim I can't read any text during the boot process but I can tell there is text on the screen. The monitor's menu also appears so dark its unusable. After some time the text mode finishes and the Windows install menu pops up and everything returns to normal. I can find loads of posts about black screens after windows boots, but not before.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, when I boot to my CentOS 6 install disk everything works normally.
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  1. Is this a genuine install disk or a downloaded ISO ?
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