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So I went to the store to buy a new monitor and when I was looking at my first choice I got to see it next to some others in particular a LG IPS236V-PN 23in. I was looking at a Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 and the picture quality between the two, well there was no comparison, the LG blew the Samsung away. But I know that the IPS screens are a bit slower, 5ms according to the manufacturer, than the Samsung 2ms. I want to know if I'll really see a difference for game play. I'm running MSI N460GTX Hawk GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video Card in my machine right now.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Bugger, I just found this part of the forum. I didn't know there was a section for monitors. I 'm going to leave this here for any answers though.

    I'll take a look, the answers probably here already.


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    Generally speaking there should be no real difference between a 5ms and 2ms panel monitor. There isn't an exact science when it comes to response times. All the manufacture does is do a battery of color change test and whatever is the lowest amount of time that gets advertised as the response time for the monitor. The average or the long response time doesn't matter, only the single lowest time counts.

    For example, Monitor A's fastest response time is 2ms, average response time is 24ms, and the highest measured response time is 180ms. Monitor A gets advertised as a 2ms response time monitor.

    Monitor B's fastest response time is 5ms, average response time is 25ms and the highest measured response time is 150ms. The monitor gets advertised as a 5ms monitor even though it's slowest measured response time is less than that of Monitor A.

    I have 3 monitors. My NEC is a 25.5" H-IPS panel monitor with 6ms response time. My Planar is a 25.5" H-IPS panel monitor with 5ms response time. I have an 24" Asus TN panel monitor with 2ms response time that is basically only used to monitor some processes on my home theater PC.

    I play games on my NEC and it looks fine to me. In comparison to the Asus there is not much difference when games are concerned. I'm actually looking to replace the Asus with another IPS panel monitor next year. Probably wih one using an e-IPS panel like the LG IPS236V-PN since I only use the Asus monitor around 4 hours a month. No sense dropping $500 - $1000 on a H-IPS or P-IPS panel monitor if it is not going to be used much.
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  4. I couldn't agree more with jaguar. If you wanna go with a good, durable monitor, go with IPS. Slow is just a matter of perception, I have a ZR24W and there is no difference between this and my 5 ms LG monitor. I also tested 2ms monitors and can't tell the difference response wise. What I can see is the color quality! The TN are YUCK and the IPS are more like WOAAAA. If you have the money for an IPS go for them, they freaking rock. If you are patient, you'll probably find an awesome deal... like I did, 260$ for my ZR24W revision A4!
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