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Forgive my ignorance on this topic, I am hoping someone can give a me a pointer in the right direction here.
eventually I want to upgrade my CPU (currenlty AMD XP2100) but have been leaving it as long as i can so as to get the best chip i can, but now I see most AMD XP 3000 cpu’s are being changed at retail outlets to 400fsb models and am worried my motherboard (Gigabyte G7VAXP) will not be able to take a 400fsb chip and the XP 3000 333fsb may soon become unavailable.

What I wanted to ask is, Do you think AMD will no longer advance the FSB333 chips and I should therefore move now and order a XP3000 333fsb while they are still in production? or should I wait as AMD will surely bring out a 3200 or better 333FSB compatible chip?

Dont want to miss out but also dont want to buy one only to find out a better one comes out next month as the idea is to future proof as much as possible. Or, on another note, is the net gain (2100 up to 3000) so small that its not worth the cost and I may as well just wait until my system is too slow to use and look at getting a new 64bit board and chip whenever…

Thanks for any help or advice. It is greatly appreciated.

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  1. As far as I know, AMD is no longer updating the Athlon XP series of chips. What's out now is as fast as it gets. AMD's Athlon 64 is where the updates are at.

    Your 2100+ I think runs at 1.73ghz. The 3000+/333fsb I think runs at 2.16ghz. Plus IIRC, 2100+'s are 266fsb, so you should get a decent speed boost with that upgrade. You may need a bios update, but I don't know your mobo specifically.

    Get your 3000+ at 166/333 now before it disappears, or save up for a new mobo and an Ath64.

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  2. No more NEW Athlon XP will appear on the market.

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  3. Get a Mobile Barton 2500+, those are cheaper than the 3000+ you are looking for, their multipliers are unlocked, they run on low voltage and can hit a very high clockspeed using air-cooling.

    Chances are that you'll be able to run a Mobile 2500+ at 13 x 166 out of the box, that's a 3000+ for 42$ less.

    If you feel adventurous, get a high quality copper HFS with the money you saved and 2.4GHz could easely be within your reach with a slight voltage bump.

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  4. Except buying mobile Barton 2500+ and overclocking it, I see no point of upgrading from AXP 2100+ to another AXP

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  5. CPU and M/board manufacturers would make less profits if they made components "semi" future proof.

    That's why there new designs are make for immediate multiple component changes if you want to upgrade.

    There are always second hand parts available but then again, they cost the same or even more as new parts.

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  6. The 333 part is being phased out, as was the 2600+ with 133/ 266 fsb.
    On an historical note, Amd has already made a 166/333 fsb version of the xp3200+. It was not generally available, and will not ever be.
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