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I have a keyboard, which I run through the line-in port in the back of my computer. There is static coming from my speakers when I unmute the line-in port, but when I mute the port, the static goes away. I've done some research on it, and it's not a ground loop. Also, the output from my keyboard works fine whenever its plugged into anything else.

It would probably be best to mention that a little while back, I accidentally shorted out my onboard audio. I am now running off of a pci audio card.
Nothing is plugged into the mobo audio ports or front case ports.

It's hard to accurately describe the static I'm hearing-it's like white noise, combined with random beeps.
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  1. Seems like a broken solder connection on the motherboard at the jack.
    "I accidentally shorted out my on-board audio."
    Well, what did you do? Did smoke come out?
    Time for a new motherboard, and be careful with it.
  2. You not hearing cell phone interference are you! If you have a cell phone near an audio device it will amplify the the carrier frequency.
  3. soundguruman-I was installing a pci usb hub, and forgot to unplug the motherboard. I believe I allowed the pci connectors to touch the motherboard, and I heard a pop. Luckily, it only blew out the onboard sound, and it was a cheap motherboard. But since I'm running my audio off of a pci sound card now, does the onboard sound card even matter? In other words, if I replace the motherboard, would it solve the problem?

    mmphoneman-I checked, it's not cell phone interferance
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    yes, replace the MB.
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