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my laptop (dell inspiron 9400) displayed a message "hardware malfunction nmi: parity check / memory parity error the system has halted" message i tried everything nothing seems to be working even when i tried to format my laptop it would not create a new partition on the previous windows partition pls help!!!!!
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  1. could be faulty hard drive

    turn on laptop and press f12 at dell logo and run diagnostics especially hard drive and memory
  2. An Nmi error is related to the memory type fitted in a laptop or pc tower, a parity error can come about two ways in windows, when you get that message it can be a case of the parity memory module staring to fail, we call it EEC memory.
    Some times the memory type can be set up in the bios of the laptop.
    The other type of memory is standard type it has no parity checking or EEC mode.
    However if you have standard type memory and not EEC type if the option in the bios is turned on to use EEC memory you will get this error also.So turn it off.
    If you take the memory module out of the laptop it should state if it is EEC memory. If is not and,standard memory there is an option in the bios to change the memory type from EEC mode to standard memory.
    With a bit of luck it may sort the problem out, if not then the error checking of the memory is on its way out and a new stick may be required.
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