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  1. Ok, so how do I set up a shortcut to access an FTP site from windows explorer?

    current situation is:

    created shortcut for IE to
    a. user double-clicks shortcut
    b. user logs in
    c. user hits page button to open site in windows explorer
    d. user logs in AGAIN
    e. user has functionality to complete tasks productively

    That is way too many steps.
    How do I eliminate steps a-c?

  2. Ok,
    I just figured it out, so here goes:
    1. Start Menu->Computer
    2. On the left pane: right-click computer-> add network location
    3. Follow the wizard and type in your ftp location (
    4. Right click the network location and send to your desktop as shortcut.

    This ended up being so simple! Why couldn't I find these steps on Microsoft's site? or out there in googlespace? I just feel a little stupid for taking so long to figure it out on my own!
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