Hp photosmart c7200 series driver

I've had my HP Photosmart C7200 printer for not long after buying it fron QVC. I bought another computer with Windows 7 to find that the printer is no longer supported? I feel I have been let down and wonder if anyone out there is able to help me?
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  1. Go here:

    select your model
    your Win7 OS (32bit or 64bit)
    download driver
    you are done!
  2. Thanks blackwolf511 but have been there and tried all ready. Model c7200 isn't listed anywhere and now classed as discontinued? Anyway, so fed up of trying to get the bloody thing working have just ordered an Epson photo d3000. HP can go and jump in the lake and never shall I buy one of there products again!

    Thanks for you sugestion anyway!

    Please keep well.
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