Public address amplifier circuit to drive 30 speakers 4-8 ohms 50-100watts each

Could You help me, Please. Kindly indicate what PA AMplifier should be used to drive 30 speakers (10cm Dia) 4 - 8 Ohms 50 - 100 watts at a volume level:- normal speaking, classic music at moment. Also please outline how speakers should be in series/paralell.
Thanks. Jean
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  1. For this type of setup you would use a 70v system. Each speaker would have a transformer connected between the amp and speaker terminals (usually at the speaker). You can connect the speakers in parallel in the most economical and easy way. You don't need to home run the wires just run from closed to furthest. You would need a 70v pa amp with the combined power of each transformer at each speaker added together. For modest levels you could use 10-20 watt transformers at each speaker so total power should be 300-600 watts.
  2. Hi Mr Veteran, Thanks at first for reply... Unfortunately we already have the speakers (10cm dia) 4-8 ohms and 50-100 watts Make Rayden, Instead of local transformer, What is it if I make series and paralell system ? If that is possible, PLEASE...indicate If I can divide the 30 speakers in circuits of 4- 8 ohms ? And what will be the power of the amplifier ? Kindly advise and I'll be grateful to you...Thanks for services
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