Computer wont start

I push the start button and the fans start whirring n stuff but the monitor remains in standby mode.

its not a problem of power supply. I have a 350watt PS and i've stripped it down to a harddrive, video out, dvd n soundcard.

previously it freezes randomly on me so i thought it was a software issue. i reformatted the harddrive and while installing windows it froze on me again.

what can i do?

wasnt sure what section to post this under.

pls advice
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  1. Well, I think you have two different problems here. One your monitor or video card might be dead. Second, your problem of freezing is a little weird. Tell us more about your computer. What is your proc, ram, os, apps your running, etc.
  2. Could be a PSU issue, mem timings might be too tight, freezing is often casued by overheating. Dont count out your PSU though.
  3. P4 2.4b
    512mb kingston hyperx initially set at cl2, now i changed to 2.5
    sp1614c (samsung sata 160gb 7200rpm 8mb cache)
    ti 4200 128mb agp8X
    win xp pro

    this few wks has been crowded with exams so the only thing my comp runs most of the time is MSN messanger, Mozilla, Winamp, and sometime the Frozen Throne.

    I encountered keyboard error a few times so i switched keyboard with my roommate but no help.

    I thought of the vid card or monitor being dead, but even if there is no display, when I get in windows I still have the default welcome sound and I dont hear it. which means windows never loaded.

    pls advice
  4. Go into bios, and watch your temps and voltages for a while.
    It would also be a good idea to run memtest86, it runs from a bootable floppy.
    While you are at this give your box a good cleaning, and make sure no pieces of metel have fallen into contact.
    Give the capacitors around your chip a look as well. If they are not flat on top, if they are leaking, that's your problem.
    If your mobo has a fan on the north bridge, make sure it is secure, and turning well.
  5. Endyen he's not getting boot, so how could he do memtest86 and go in the bios?

    The psu may very well be at fault. If it's generic crap, then it's likely to be dead. Also, that harddrive... Samsung harddrives are crap.

    If the video card is dead, the computer wouldn't boot. Computers only boot if the following components are working, CPU, Motherboard, Ram, and Video card.

    So pull out everything, and just leave the CPU, MB, Ram, VID, hook up the power, and see if it powers up.

    If that didn't work, take out ur ram and run memtest86 on a friend's computer. If it passes, then fine, if it doesn't, RMA it.

    If ram tests fine then get a working power supply that has at least 18A output on the 12V rail, test it again with only the CPU/MB/Ram/Vid.

    If your ram's fine and changing your psu doesn't do the job. Then I think your best option is to take your PC to a local shop and get them to test whether your CPU or your MB is dead or is it both. They shouldn't charge you too much just to test CPU/MB.
  6. Maybe someone changed a setting in the bios and those settings won't let your computer boot and start your monitor.

    You may need to go to your motherboard manufacturer website and see how to reset the cmos.

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  7. This is my computer. Who is this 'someone' you are speaking of? :P

    im using Anrec 350watts.

    No offense, but this harddrive is the sweetest in its class n price.

    I just noticed the fan on the GPU is not spinning, will try put in a 40mm fan and see how it goes
  8. Can you try another video card or PCI video card? Maybe that your video card is dead if the fan doesnt run on it

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  9. I messed around with all the parts and I've found the problem.

    it refuses to run when I have the ram arranged to enable dual channel.

    I will now move to the memory section of the forums

    thanks all
  10. See if it will start with your vdimm at 2.7 or 2.8.
  11. how do I even go about changing the voltage settings when the comp don start when dual channel is enabled?

    it works fine when i have the 2 sticks in parallel or any other
  12. Do the settings in single channel. Then shut down and change the ram around. If it wont post, go back to single channel.
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