HP Laptop Not Booting After Using Ebay AC Adapter

Hi all, I'm not sure who else to turn to. I think I need a little help with this one.

I've got a HP laptop (DV4-2145dx) that is not booting. It was working fine before I bought a cheap knock-off replacment cord from Ebay. Now, the computer does NOTHING when the battery is NOT in the laptop and the AC adapter is. When both the AC adapter and the battery are IN the laptop, the battery light comes on for about a second and then shuts off with a click towards where the power cord goes into the laptop.

To me, it seems like theres a short on the board, but I couldn't find a single short on the board. I tried to common trick of turning it off, unplugging the AC adapter and the battery, and holding the power button for a minute or two to reset the CMOS, but it didn't help anything.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I'm stumped.
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  1. It's tempting to say that the answer lies in your heading.

    You don't mention why you had to buy a new PSU -- did the old one fail or just appear to fail because of a fault in the computer ?

    On the face of it, sounds like a rectifier or something is failing on the power board within the laptop -- this is often accompanied by a burning smell.

    It would be interesting to see if the laptop works with a freshly charged battery -- but only poss if a friend or friendly dealer has a similar HP model.
  2. Are you sure that the new power cord actually works? can you check to see if there is any voltage across the output when the power cord is plugged into the wall but before it is plugged into the computer? The symptoms you describe indicate a completely discharged battery and NO power coming from the new power cord. If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage level of the new power cord.
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