I cant record clear voice of guitar on widows xp

i've just installed xp. i want to record my guitar on windows xp but in clear sound. no hiss with recording. i'm using cool edit pro for recording . help ....
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  1. If your getting hiss then it sounds like a grounding issue or it could be the type of pickups your using try to play the guitar facing away from electrical devices so you wont pick up any electrial interference if it is a single coil guitar. Or it could be that you just need to check all your connections and if that's not if it might be your sound card I recommend the E-MU series from Creative Labs they have been making those cards since Sound-blaster so you should be able to get a great audio recording sound card for the price.
  2. thanx 4 your help... but it's recording even what i speak while recording guitar... mean to say what should i do to stop external sound while recording . execpt guitar voice :) :)
  3. Whats your system specs and are you using and external audio peripherals.
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