CORE I3 330UM WITH ati card versus core i5 with intel hd

I have a question regarding what processor and graphic package I should get for my new laptop. I'm buying a HP touchsmart tm2t for graduate school and try to figure out what I should get as a customized option. For $50 more I can get a core i3-330um with a swithcable ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 upgraded OR a core i3-330um with intel hd graphics, or for 75$ more I can get a core i5-430um with intel hd graphics.

I'm not really planning on gaming very much (not sure yet), but I really would like the better battery life I could get due to using the tablet in class for note taking, ms word, powerpoint,etc. I will probably use some stats software (psychology major)also and use it for a library as a ebook/pdf reader. I jsut want people's views on what would be best for me, and if getting a core i3 may hurt me in the long run for future applications that may come around and me really needing to buy a core i5.

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  1. HD 5450 is significantly faster than an Intel HD card but its still a low-end card f or gaming, so i would recommended none of them for gaming.
    i5 430um will give you a better performance in CPU tasks.
  2. Get the i3 with the ATI card. The ATI card is still kind of weak, but its still better than the intel graphics.
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